Gender equality, diversity and inclusion in innovation

In ‘Gender equality, diversity and inclusion: Roundtable’ summary report, The Institute fo Competitiveness and Prosperity presents the challenges of incorporating gender equality, diversity, and inclusion into clusters in Canada, particularly into the five Superclusters, as well as a number of recommendations.

The Institute, in partnership with the WE EMPOWER Programme of UN Women, hosted a roundtable on January 25, 2019 with 30 leaders from a variety of backgrounds. As the roundtable followed Chatham House Rules, individual respondents are not identified but their insights are incorporated into this White Paper.

The challenges identified include:

  • There will be a learning curve for the superclusters to introduce and implement policies that advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion;
  • Capability gap – There are not many who have the experience, knowledge resources to implement such policies especially for small businesses;
  • Accountability – There is not enough accountability in the implementation of diversity and inclusion policies.

Recommendations to remediate the challenges include:

  • Commit to the Women’s Empowerment Principles;
  • Apply for Gender diversity certification;
  • Stronger accountability measures;
  • Create advisory councils;
  • Develop sectoral initiatives;
  • Collaboration and partnership;
  • Commit to international labour standards.

For more information on the WE EMPOWER Programme and the Women’s Economic Principles, please visit

Source: European Cluster Collaboration Platform

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