WDM participates in event ‘Equality is not a women’ issue alone, but a men’s issue too’

On 26 June 2019, Women Directors’ Malta held a business breakfast at Skyparks with a panel of speakers to discuss the following title ‘Equality is not a women’ issue alone, but a men’s issue too’.

The speakers were Dr JosAnn Cutajar, a senior lecturer at the Gender Studies Department of the University of Malta, Josanne Cassar a seasoned journalist, and Silvan Agius, the Director of the Human Rights and Integration Department within the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality.  The debate was interesting and lively and the audience were very much engaged with the discussion.

During the event WDM, as partners also disseminated information about the EU project “Women in Power”.  They explained what the project was about and how it would be offering an online course to empower women to reach higher echelons at their work environment.  The actual dissemination event will be held on 7th October at the Ministry for Education and Employment.


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