‘Women in Power’ presents its innovative training path

The ‘Women in Power’ research conducted in all partner countries (Spain, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Romania and Malta), explored the barriers that women still face with regards to career progression when working in the traditional sectors (in particular textiles, furniture and footwear). The results of the research compiled in the report ‘Executive management goal achievement for women working in traditional sectors’ has led to the creation of this innovative training path.

Women themselves were forthcoming in sharing their experiences in the workplace and the research has highlighted the difficulties women face in achieving career progression and management positions. Two pieces of research were conducted, women working in the traditional sector who had not progressed in their career and women who had progressed to supervisory or management positions.

‘Women in Power’ training will support women to explore corporate and managerial positions, especially in the traditional sectors of footwear, textiles and furniture. The ‘Women in Power’ training aims to support women to acquire new competences and skills by providing them with innovative online training.

In addition it will support the women to reflect on their current skills by making them aware of the multitude of skills that they have gained already in their chosen sector and through life experiences. It will aim to improve their confidence, self-belief, and motivation and therefore make managerial and executive roles more accessible to them. The training promotes gender equality and the advancement of women in Europe, taking in to account diverse cultural needs. It also aims to meet the ECVET (European Credit System for Vocational Education and Training) requirements.

Validation of the training is an integral part of the process for ensuring a quality training programme. It is a consequence of successful involvement from all partners engaging during partner meetings, skype meetings and email contact. The training needs of the women from these sectors is at the centre of the course development with a view to support their career progression.

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