‘Women in Power’ visits the Sheffield Association for Voluntary Teaching of English

On November 22nd the Sheffield Association for Voluntary Teaching of English (SAVTE) won the Inclusion and Equality Award during the 2018 Make a Difference Awards, in recognition for its work to reduce isolation and promote integration through English teaching.

On November 28th, during the transnational meeting in Sheffield, the ‘Women in Power’ partnership had the opportunity to visit the organisation directly accompanied by its Manager, Stella Burton, in a unique opportunity to network and promote the ‘Women in Power’ project goals.

‘Make a Difference Awards’ is a yearly event that acknowledges the work of local social organisations in 7 different categories. This year, the event brought together 300 people from 60 local groups including civic leaders and dignitaries.

Inova Consultancy attended the event, having the opportunity to network and talk to key people in the social sector about the ‘Women in Power’ Erasmus+ project.

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